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Our caring and professional team will make this your Home Away From Home.

It is such a joy to write about Home Away From Home. They truly reflect their name.  Linda wakes up happy and gets ready for her day Monday to Friday there! She loves the respect and dignity that she receives there. She smiles. She shares what she does. She takes pride in projects and prizes that she brings home, and again she smiles. Linda feels safe with all of you. We love HAFH and the team and friends that she has gained. 

Joanne Stoddard, DDS

About Home Away Lowell

Adult Day Health Programs provide a myriad of services including daily skilled nursing care, social services, chronic disease management, behavioral health services, therapeutic recreation, personal care, respite, and meals. 

We have been providing medical support, therapeutic activities, and companionship to adults with physical or cognitive impairment in Lowell, Massachusetts since 2009.

Adult Day Health Services


Skilled Nursing

Our experienced nurses offer support for a variety of needs and healthcare services.


Our nursing staff can assist you with specialized physical therapy services to improve your physical health.


Group Activities

We coordinate small group activities to keep our community engaged.


Personalized Support

Our care is based around your needs. Our team can help you or your loved one with the care they need.



We offer transportation to and from your home to make your life easier.



Not sure if Adult Day Health is right for you? Speak to our care team for a free consultation!

Practice Areas
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